Solutions for Businesses and Organizations

We help teams work together better through trainings and expert group facilitation.


We offer team building, change management, and bias and harassment trainings.

We use sociometric analysis to understand your team and action-based methods to facilitate the group learning process.

Our trainings are not didactic or cookie-cutter.  We are the facilitators of a deep and lasting educational experience for your team.


  • Increased insight into one’s own behavior and others’ perspectives.
  • Ability to communicate and problem-solve as a team.
  • Decreased contention and dissatisfaction.


We partner with business and organizational leaders to facilitate workplace retreats, business meetings and summits. Our facilitators focus on the group process, allowing you to focus on business goals and content.

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“It is a wonderful opportunity for youth to step outside their comfort zones with a lot of support! Attempts were made to include everyone and the girls were allowed to really get to know the horses!”


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Jill WolskiCEO, Co-Owner
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Greg ReidVice-President, Co-Owner

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