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This retreat is for anyone who has recently gone through any major life transition including those who have recently lost someone close to them, have gone through divorce or the breakup of a significant relationship, or who have recently lost some aspect of health, finances, job or connections with others.  All transitions qualify as long as they bring up feelings of loss.  Join us as we create a safe and compassionate space to share our experiences of transition and loss, find similarities in our stories as well as differences, hear stories of hope and healing and honor everyone’s individual experiences.  This retreat is a facilitated group experience to include icebreakers and warm-ups, mindfulness and yoga to nourish the body and mind, reflective journaling, and ample time for small and large group discussion, followed by an optional fire-ceremony to allow for letting-go as needed.  Group size will be capped at twelve participants to allow for a more intimate experience.  


Facilitators: Jill Wolski, Elaine Theodore and Greg Reid

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