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Come join us for a day-long retreat for women: a chance to relax, reset, and renew!  This retreat is for any woman who is looking to connect to others and experience  meaningful reflection and personal growth.

The Women’s Retreat begins with action-based activities to create connections and lower anxiety, followed by an hour of mindfulness, breath work and movement for grounding and stress relief.  The day progresses with small and large group discussions, journaling, and intention-setting.  The afternoon session features a large group action-based activity to explore a positive vision for the future, and remove any barriers between the present and that future time.  The retreat closes with divination, choosing a tarot for guidance, and take-aways!

I’ve been to many retreats in my life and this one packed more into six hours than any other one I have attended.  I’m amazed at how much we accomplished in such a short time!” – Summer 2020 Retreat Participant

I have told many people about the retreat and said if they have the chance to go to one they absolutely should. It brought out feelings that needed to be addressed and provided me an opportunity to look at my life and make appropriate changes to move myself forward and see possibilities instead of barriers.  If someone feels “stuck” and needs guidance, this is absolutely the type of experience that can help if they are open and embrace what they find out.”– Summer 2021 Retreat Participant

This retreat helped me to connect with my body. The breath work was amazing and really helped me to feel grounded and present. I also enjoyed the future projection activity. Jill and Winell did a wonderful job facilitating this activity and also encouraged all group members to be active participants and supports. This retreat allowed us women to create friendships and to also build a strong community of encouragement and support! – Summer 2021 Retreat Participant

Please bring a lunch, refreshments, a yoga mat, and optional blankets and a camp chair. We will be meeting at the beautiful Rotary Scout Camp, at 279 Davitt Lake Road, Averill Park, NY, at the Seneca Lodge on Davitt Lake.  As this lodge is open to the air on three sides, please bring layers and extra clothing as needed.  And comfortable walking or hiking shoes for the 1/4 mile walk to the Seneca Lodge.

We will follow the most recent guidance on masks and physical distance.  Any other individual needs for physical space will also be explored and honored.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a post-retreat follow-up group for continued support and connection!

Your facilitators:  Jill Wolski, LCSW, and Winell Soures, LCSW

Download Greenstone Experiential’s Retreat FAQs Here

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