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Join us to learn powerful tools for optimizing your mental, physical and emotional health in a community learning group of like-minded people.  This group is for anyone serious about performing at your best every day, optimizing your health, and creating more energy, positivity, health, and focus.  

Many of us are now feeling the opportunities and stressors of this changing world.  We are working more, creating more, and problem solving more. We are looking for new ways to do what we used to do and new ways to bring more good into the world.

As a result, we are asking more of ourselves.  Naam meditation and breathwork taught in this community learning group, provide surprisingly effective and efficient ways to prepare you to fully meet the challenges of this new world.   

Naam Breathwork creates:

  • Enhanced sense of calm, focus, and positivity. 
  • Greater intuition, discernment, and power to manifest.
  • A feeling of being “in the flow.”
  • A stronger nervous system to reduce emotional reactivity.
  • A boost in immune function. 
  • Healthy circulatory system and increased detoxification. 
  • Healthy glandular system. 

Naam tools are taught by Grace Chang, a Naam breath-work practitioner with a background in nursing and clinical research.  Jill Wolski a clinical social worker, provides expert group facilitation to build community and create a supportive group environment.  

If you are tired of basement results and desire ways to take control of your mental, physical & emotional health, come join us! 

This is an open group that welcomes new members at any time.  We meet every Friday at 5 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. MST/ 2 p.m.PST/ 11 a.m. HST.   If you would like to try out a session at no cost, please email [email protected].   Or register for six weeks for $150, or one session at a time for $35. 

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