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An experiential and exploratory conversation for anyone who has experienced a loss of workplace culture during the Pandemic and who is looking for new ways to create workplace culture.

Join us on Friday, April 2, 9-11 a.m. for an in-action workshop, unlike any Zoom workshop you have attended yet!  

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to explore what has been lost in workplace culture during the pandemic and what might come next. The session will be helpful for anyone in a position of leading employees and teams through these changes, providing leaders with new perspectives and ways of thinking through the challenges at hand.  

Emotional intelligence skills are needed more than ever in the workplace of 2021. The loss of the old culture of the workplace is an emotional process that requires validation.  As businesses and organizations begin to create a new workplace culture, managers and leaders will need to allow for emotional processing and be able to listen and understand diverse perspectives, while they also balance what is best for the business.  

This is a facilitated and active session which includes warm-up activities, break out discussions, in-action exploring of perspectives and time to debrief and discuss take-aways.  

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