We Believe Humans Learn Best By Doing

We teach skills that help participants become healthier individuals and more effective teams and citizens in a diverse society.

What Skills Do We Teach?
  • Communication

  • Empathy

  • Problem-Solving

  • Self-Awareness

How Do We Do It?
  • Personal growth groups

  • Skills trainings

  • Business interventions

We bring to the table our combined expertise and certifications in Sociometry, Psychodrama, and Equine Assisted Learning, to create eclectic and transformational programming for our clients.  We both have degrees in professional mental health services, we bring to the table our knowledge of human psychology and a sensitivity for the human psyche.  Our aim is to create an emotionally safe and compassionate learning environment in which our participants can relax and have fun while delving into a learning experience that engages the body, mind and emotions.

Meet Our Trainers


Jill Wolski, is a clinical social worker as well as president and co-founder of Greenstone Experiential Services (GreenstoneXP). She has 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector in director and board positions in mental health crisis and information and referral (I&R) services. She was a co-founder of CrisisChat.com, a national crisis texting service, and has worked in Employee Assistance as a trainer and direct service provider prior to opening her own clinical private practice in 2015 and co-founding GreenstoneXP in 2018. She has extensive experience facilitating therapeutic groups, workplace training sessions, critical incident debriefings, and equine-assisted learning sessions. Her passion is to bring people together to learn from one another and create connections and understanding between people. She believes that compassion and a willingness to listen to one another is one of the most powerful forces in our world. Ms. Wolski lives in Troy, New York with her two teenage children, stepson, and husband. She enjoys yoga, meditation, biking, gardening, and giving to others.

Sociometric Facilitator

Greg Reid started his career as a Biologist but found he loved working with people more than in a lab and he changed careers in 2008. Since then he earned a second degree in Mental Health Counseling and has worked in the fields of addictions, mental health and employee assistance. He is now a small business owner and practitioner at Experiential Mental Health Counseling. Greg completed his Psychodramatic Fellowship with Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute in 2017 with over 3,000 hours of live-action experience.


Elaine is honored to be a part of Greenstone and its mission. She holds a Master’s in Education and Human Psychology from Harvard and a BFA in Theater from NYU. She has a 30-year background in education, mediation, psychology, and expressive arts. Elaine is the owner of Ruby Lotus Yoga and Wellness, LLC, a company that brings various healing modalities to agencies, groups, and individuals, offering workshops and trainings. She has conducted team-building workshops for the Harvard Project on Negotiation and in corporate settings. Elaine currently works a certified Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness/Stress Reduction Coach, Transformational Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, Trauma Clinician, and a School Social Worker. Under Ruby Lotus Yoga, she founded YogaSpeak Therapy, a therapeutic model that combines interpersonal psychotherapy, CBT, and Yoga Therapy for clients. She specializes in adolescents with issues of anxiety, and depression. She is a mom of two school age children, an amazing dog, and will say that chickens, contrary to what she was told, are a lot of work. She believes we all have the capacity to heal.


Grace Chang, with a background in nursing, has over three decades of experience in alternative medicine. She is currently merging permanent health and wealth solutions for her clients. She shows individuals and businesses how to thrive using tools to elevate conscious wellness and human potential. She has worked in the role of consultant to coaches, leaders and influencers. Her passion is in researching the effect of the conscious health tools she utilizes. She is grateful to report that emerging data is showing strong efficacy for healing and transformation at a cellular level.


Winell J. Soures has a professional background in mental health, substance abuse, and clinical social work with over 20 years of experience.  She specializes in addictions, vocational rehabilitation, women’s health, spirituality, individual and community empowerment, cultural concerns, and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Her educational background includes a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Masters in Africana Studies with a major concentration in African Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany.  In addition to the above, she is an experienced trainer, with a talent for motivating, inspiring, and captivating her clients by meeting the individual, audience, and participants where they are. Her mission is to appeal to and empower her clients to envision and begin an active journey towards enlightenment, self-fulfillment, and success.

“Excellent event. Excellent trainers, understanding atmosphere, ability to take what was learned and apply it in real life.”


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