What is Sociometry?

Sociometry is the quantitative study and measurement of relationships within a group of people. Information gathered through a survey asks about connections with others in the group. The resulting dynamics are charted and analyzed for greater insight for managers and to inform training interventions.

What is a Sociodramatic Training?

A sociodrama is a group-action method in which participants act out an agreed-upon social situation in order to express and clarify their thoughts and feelings, solve problems, deepen their understanding of the situation and become better communicators. Unlike traditional didactic trainings which only engage the intellect, sociodramatic trainings provide a full-body learning experience that engages the body, mind and emotions.

Some examples of situations for a Sociodramatic Training include:

  • Difficult conversations between husband/wife/partners or managers/workers:
    Resulting in more effective and sensitive communication in real life.

  • A medical-based scenario with a cancer care team, patient and patients’ family:
    Resulting in more effective and sensitive communication in real life.

  • A workplace with factions and gossip:
    Resulting in increased willingness to work together and less time spent on conflict.

  • Contentious social issues such as race relations and political polarizations:
    Resulting in decreased contentiousness and increased respect and willingness to cooperate.

  • A parent figuring out how to parent teenage children:
    Resulting in increased assertiveness and less reactivity.

  • A workplace with low professionalism:
    Resulting in an increased understanding of professionalism and its impact on the customer experience.

For more information on Sociometry and Sociodramatic interventions and how they are used to help individuals, families, civic organizations and businesses, see the following resources:

The Organisational Development Company (https://diana-jones.com/services/sociometry/)
What is Sociometry? (http://www.psychodrama.org.uk/what_is_sociodrama.php)

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