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Workforce Solutions to Survive and Thrive

Deliver Workforce Solutions

Business Coaching, Business Training, Workforce Review

A team of people who continuously strive for excellence. We work with everyone to achieve their goals and advance their businesses. As life-long learners, educators, and leaders, we continue to develop and learn new and innovative strategies to meet our clients’ needs, especially when new business models are called for. We provide high-quality research-based services that add real value to our clients businesses.

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Brian Rollo Consulting 

As a high-performing achiever, success is not foreign to you; but being responsible for other people’s success is.

Brian Rollo knows exactly how this feels. He set out to turn his successful practices as a team player into a powerful management style.

In this fresh new keynote, your new leaders will

  • How to motivate your high performers to achieve even greater results
  • How to drive your mid-level performers to become competitive high-performers
  • How to achieve more ambitious goals
  • How to resolve conflicts that squeaky wheels tend to bring up
  • Radical ways to take back your day and increase your productivity

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You Don’t Have To Do it Alone

At Green River Coaching and Consulting, we help people work together better through team building retreats, professional training on communication and collaboration skills, executive coaching, and mediation.  Based on the principle that humane values lead to better results, Green River Coaching and Consulting creates customized solutions to meet your challenges.  Engagements begin with a free 30 minute consultation.  We look forward to getting to know you! Learn more at greenrivercoaching.com